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BUILDING for sale
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Property description

Multifunction space, located in Apollonia area, (capital of the island), in the Greek island, Sifnos. The total land area is about 2580 sqm with about 400 sqm of constructional buildings. The constructions began in 2004 and the businesses started in the beginning of 2005. Since the beginning of its operations, it had a warm acceptance from both press and costumers, offering a high quality product in rather logical prices. It has 3 entrance points, two from the cobbled road and one from the drive way (having access to driveway through a rented area where the entrance/access of the building of 150 sqm is being rented for 6000 euros per year). Also this multipurpose space is the best part of the island and it has the best view on the island. It consists of the following:
A) Art gallery: Usually performing 4-6 exhibitions every year lasting from 2 to 3 weeks each. Important and noticeable, mainly Greek but also International, artists such as Alekos Fasianos. A detail plan of exhibitions performed since 2005 is available.
B) Restaurant: A luxurious 170-seat restaurant highly equipped in an unobstructed spacious area. Worth mentioning here that all furniture are of named brands and kitchen equipment is of highest quality of the time of opening. It is offering a combination of international cuisine and Greek traditional fresh fish.
C)Café area: With a capacity of 70-seats with the capability of expanding a capacity-increase income with a creation of additionally 70-seat in the spacious garden area. A variety of coffees, traditional sweets and snacks are offered always focusing on high quality product and service, there is also a small library that has been created within the cafe area, offering a various selection of albums,books and international press.
D)Cocktail-Open bar: It is the only open bar on the island, offering exquisite cocktails and first class wine with a few tables around but mainly serving standing costumers located between the cafe and the restaurant.
SOCIAL EVENTS: The place is a unique selling point in Sifnos of social events such as weddings, baptisms and many more. With the ability to accommodate and serve 250 persons in a amazing surrounding has become one of the first selections for those who want to organize social events.
RETAIL POINTS: a) a small 20 sqm retail point above the open bas and next to the restaurant able to be used as a gift shop or a shop selling traditional Sifnos sweets and beverages. Any other use of course can be considered. b) Shoe store: A variety of shoes for any age for women and men. A rent scheme has been agreed as follows, 15% over profits. c)Women Clothing and accessories boutique, which sells only named brand clothes of the latest trend in fashion, also there is a rent scheme that has been agreed. 15% over profits.
EXTRA KEY POINTS: 1.The building is within city plan area and that means according to the Greek law that can be divided into 3 independent plots -800 sqm each, that gives the right to build additional 800 sqm (400 per each new piece) and needless to say is increasing considerably the value of the real estate. 2. All permissions and licenses ensuring a proper operation of the above mentioned activities are issued. 3.No ESPA (i.e European community, assistance/endowment/funding/subsidy) has been given. Worth mentioning here that a program for increased assistance to Greek enterprises has been announced from EU and the property seems able to form into different categories of subsidization. 4.Against additional investment a boutique hotel and or small conference center and or spa/pool area can be created. 5.A disc containing press releases, comments for the place from the press before and after the construction of the place, plans, photos, menus etc. can be sent to you upon request. 5.There has not been, any kind of sponsorship, taken in advantage.