VILLA for sale (code P-13583)

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VILLA for sale
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Property description

SUPER LUXURIOUS “SMART” VILLA FOR SALE A HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION WITH MODERN ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by lush green pine trees within the village limits “Agion Agelon”, on the border of Ekali and Aniksi there is a unique house with high standards and modern aesthetic perception. The house is a focal point where everyone can have easy access to Athens by highway or by L. Ave. Kifisias The main objectives of the architectural composition is the morphological harmony of residential environment, safeguarding your privacy and minimizing the communal spaces to have the best possible private garden. This house is manufactured in accordance to the latest technology, the best possible comfort, and maximum energy savings, giving attention to every detail. The house is independently set on three levels with a plot of 991,38 m2. Morphologically this house has minimal geometric volumes with wooden elements, the walls are covered with carved stones inspired by earth colors, dry stone technique is used to the fences of the gardens and also some walls are covered with marble ‘’California’’. The processing technique using micro particles technology makes it water resistant and leaves the actual color and texture intact. Also its worth to mention the technique of keeping the marble straight with a high quality engineering support and using reinforced galvanized hollow sections to prevent oxidation as time passes. These techniques also offer extra support in the case of earthquakes. Between the marble and the wall there is a high standard waterproofing material based on cement by the company SIKA to prevent from moisture inside the house. In addition there is a 5cm double insulation in the walls, by the company DOW, from polystyrene. However, an important advantage of this home is the insulation of the roof with double Dow polystyrene foam of 5cm, creating an ideal house which maintains the temperature indoors and avoids thermal shocks and fluctuations in internal surfaces.

The first level, which is 450,00 m2, has a playroom with a fireplace. The fireplace is lined with lava marble. The area near the fireplace is designed to emphasize the superiority of the construction and the materials that were used. It has 1cm groove (scotia), there are top cabinets, lacquered in the same color as the wall and there is a lacquered wooden skirting also in the same color. The playroom is composed of an auxiliary kitchen, the cabinets are white lacquered with HAFFELE brake mechanisms and all the electrical appliances are fitted in the wall. At the same level there is a luxurious guest room with ensuite bathroom and dressing room, WC for guests, drying laundry facility, room service with its own bathroom, gym, steam room or sauna facilities and a relaxation room (massage). Also, on this level there is a great aesthetic innovation, the wine vault. It can store up to 3000 bottles and the maintenance is carried out by a special device. As for the waiting room, the wall surfaces are covered with small stones of 5 to 8 cm (the dry stone technique is used) offering high aesthetics in the area. The lighting plans offer a superior aesthetic result too, as the shelves and the illuminate spots on the floor light the stone walls in a beautiful way. The storage and utility room is 154,00 m2, and the parking space is 85,00 m2. At the outside there is a flower bed and a beautiful calming walking path where everyone can have a nice walk out in the nature. The walking path route has many decorative stone surfaces creating a landscape of natural beauty. Also access is provided to the second level with stairs leading to the garden and the pool. The pool is heated, using a boiler room and solar collectors. Besides the heating it features a counter swimming mechanism, a special place to relax and spa, as well as an innovative system feuturing an active layer of special UV filters. The entire water pool can be covered for safety protection. The impressive view of the pool from the play room with a large special glass creates a beautiful natural lighting which combined with the sound of the water it creates a state of calmness and relaxation.

The second level is 271,67m2. The main entrance is in this level. It includes a lounge with a fireplace, which is lined with lava marble and can operate with natural gas or LPG fuel. The upper part of the fireplace is lined with cabinets, for storage space, made from MDF and lacquered in the color of the wall. Particular importance is given to the architectural details. Thus, the 1cm groove (scotia) separates the cabinets from the marble and the marble from the wall surface. Also, on the second level there is a dining room, a kitchen with a fireplace (lined with CALIFORNIA marble) using wood and a guest’s WC. Outside there is a pool, a garden and an outdoor fireplace which is covered by a high quality trellis. Also there is an outdoor bath near the pool a barbecue (with sink) and a small kitchen. Another important feature is a special mechanism to move the fireplace’s marble uncovering a home cinema.

The third level (256,99 m2) consists of four bedrooms. The master bedroom has a fireplace whose fuel is Ethanol (environment friendly) lined with marble VRATSA, and en suite bathroom with a specially constructed whirlpool from TEUCO (ALBATROS model) that offers tranquility and rejuvenation. Finally there is a spa and a dressing room. The two children bedrooms are equipped with ensuite bathrooms and dressing rooms. There is one more bedroom (that can also be used as an office) with ensuite bathroom and a dressing room. All the bathrooms are designed according to the style of the house, the walls will be covered with marble of VRATSA type (0,80 x 2,00 m dimensions) which will be processed to be water resistant using micro particles environmental-friendly technology. On this level there is pre-installed a mechanism to move the dirty clothes from the bedrooms hall to the dryer’s room which provides convenience to the house personnel and the owners.

This establishment has several technological innovations, some of which will be described in the following. The Siemens system Instabus converts the house into a “SMART HOUSE”. For example, when you leave the house with one click you can switch off everything: lights, window shutters, kitchen appliances, heating, gas or even the water supply. If you are away from home you can simply send an sms and turn on the heating or water the garden. When there is an emergency, you can fully light up the house. Also each and every switch can be easily reprogrammed. Finally you can have a report of the status of the house (lights, window shutters, heating, security alarm, security cameras), through a touch screen or through the internet in your office.
The house features an under-floor heating system certified by REHAU with a ten year warranty (1.000.000 €) and certified for proper placement of the armored concrete floor sublayer (which is constructed using a paving robot to prevent height errors). The ‘’silent’’ boiler room which provides the heat supply is constructed by specialized crew in accordance to specific installation instructions by Viessman. To heat the water or the pool a combination of WILLO and GRUNDFOS circulators is used as well as heat changing mechanisms. Another important feature are the made in Germany vacuum air collectors installed on the roof which combined with the boiler achieve less fuel consumption. This automation enables that the warm water it’s not only used by the tenants, it can also be used for the under-floor heating system and the heating of the pool. The boiler room is connected through the collectors to the high standards, axial hydraulic system.
The hydraulic system utilises a tank and a high standard water-pump to keep constant the water pressure throughout the house. The water plumbing uses REHAU’s “Rautitan Stabil” tubes (featuring an aluminum layer), a high standard tube for drinkable water and great durability over the years. It is important to notice that each and every tube is independent without forks or branches to prevent damages. The house has a pre-installed central air conditioning - heating and ventilation with roof channels of the German TROX Company providing cooling, heating and natural ventilation using MITSUBISHI roof-units. There is also a security system pre-installed in the house at all windows, doors and window shutters, as well as pre-installed security cameras around the house and in public areas. There is a pre-installed audio system with special high quality cables, where everyone can use a touch screen in each individual room to listen music with a beautiful crystal sound. The AMINA speakers are hidden in the roof. To install these special speakers and have a high-quality sound, expert sound companies were hired. Throughout the house there is a central vacuum installation with a special pipe system through the walls, with outlets at locations planned carefully . The entire installation ends in a section of the house where the vacuum-motor and the waste-bucket are placed. Additionally the playroom has a pre-installed home theater near the fireplace, which converts the area into a private cinema. All switches will be MERTEN’s and they will be adjusted into the walls for better aesthetic appearance. The house has a shared hallway and garage entrance. The ramp is using an anti-icing system for harsh winter conditions, where floor heating melts the snow so that the vehicles and the pedestrians can move without problems. Energy saving is one of the biggest issues, so we provide the infrastructure which makes possible the mounting of photovoltaic modules. The construction manager combines the responsibility and the great perception and integrates them in a modern luxury construction, harmonized with the local environment while maintaining full functionality and high comfort standards thanks to the architectural style which incorporates large windows and internal-external doors, manufactured in the same height of the residence’s roof. The balcony doors will be Alumil’s (falcon series), using heavy-type glides and special security locks from the German company GU. Doors will have a two-layer glass (4 +4 mm glass, 14mm air gap and 6mm energy class A insulation – made by Secoben). Every glass door will an air have gap of “arcon” gas and an external special film for best insulation and reduced solar radiation. The glass doors will have external shutters from solid aluminum for extra safety and the rewind motors will be made by the German company Berker which guarantees high standards. The interior doors will be very tall, reaching the roof. The frames are made using American solid oak-wood of the highest quality, painted in the color of the wall. Each door will be wooden and handmade with hidden hinges made by the German Haffele. The external doors of the house have to meet the producer’s high security and quality standards so they are hand-made. They are made using teak and irocko wood. The unique construction style of these doors is also depicted in the way they open as they are not hinged but based only on a rotational axis with electrical locks.